One of my tests at the university

watch video here
done in November 2014
done for one of my cinema classes at New Bulgarian University

In my first year at New Bulgarian University where I attended a cinema class, we made a trip to Zlatograd for three days. From this point we departed to visit Xhanti in Greece. The task was to shoot a video, presenting Xhanti in no more than 10 minutes. There were no other requirements. I suppose that our professor wanted to leave everyone to express himself through this video.

So, following my natural creativity, I decided to make the video a compilation of random fragments, catching somehow the spirit and the general atmosphere in that town. My goal was not to show something that is not what it is. This is a well developed approach, driven by rules, consisting our media world and catalyzed by the hyper competitive environment. My goal was to be as realistic as possible, even if that includes my own voice during the record.

That's why, I sophisticated a little my work. There were two keys, making my video not the best, but at least interesting for the mind. The first is "one shot" technique - just walking with the camera - what is more natural than this way to feel the place? The second was the sound. There was no music in absolutely any single shoot. But did you feel somewhere during the video that the music is added at editing and not shot like it is? I seriously doubt. At least no one of my colleagues or professor recognized the manipulation. This was the indicator on which depended my personal opinion for my own work - whether it's successful or not.