Teenday 3

a full length film made by teenagers

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unique viewers online
mentions on TV, radio, online
attended the premiere in Odeon cinema
direct and indirect participants
1 600 €
total budget
position director, editor, scenario, operator
supported by Nescafe 3in1 and Lycée de langue française "Alphonse de Lamartine" n°9
premiere date 13 May 2010 at Odeon Cinema

Teenday 3 is a very vivid chapter of my life. It's not exactly a professional thing, but due to its relatively random development it became an important step for my career. Parts 1 and 2 were truly parodies of films, shooted with friends just for pleasure. We laughed a lot... believe me, you can't imagine how fun it was, that's why the films were a disaster, but they proved that the experience is as important as the result. These first attempts caught me a lot in cinema and I decided to make part 3 with more focus and serious attitude. I presented the whole idea to Nescafe 3in1 and they accepted to support it.

The storyline was focused on a teenage boy with the social challenges and moral dilemmas typical for that transitive age. I don't pretend for something deep achieved in this plot, but after releasing it, no it became hit among teenagers mainly, and a lot of parents also watched it and shared that "it helped a bit to realize some things about their kids".

The success of the film is a mix of circumstances, which I’ll explain below. I can't miss mentioning that it had more viewers than a big part of the films, funded by the state the last 10 years. And the average film fund is between 300k and 1.5mln levas which is huge for bulgarian standarts. The budget of my film was not 6 or 7 digits, but 4. Why this disproportion between investment and final result is happening with most bulgarian films is another issue that I won't comment at this stage.

First, during the 1 month shooting at school, absolutely everyone understood that something was happening, so this sparkled their curiosity.

Second, we placed posters in more than 50 schools in Sofia, not as (so) easy task as we imagined in the beginning.

Third, the premiere was in Odeon cinema with more than 550 attended people (the hall had 250p capacity). This made it the major event for the day which even entered the news emission on bTV channel (one of the three main national TVs).

Fourth, on the premiere day the trailer of the film was "Picked by the Staff" at vbox7.com video platform - the biggest in Bulgaria.

Fifth, I made a website with the film free to watch right after the premiere, and also information, photos, etc.

Sixth, I was nominated by Stoyan Kambarev Foundation, because of the film, which gave him a second media boost.

Seventh, I was awarded at a student film festival in Tokyo, Japan, where I sent the film.

Eighth, the film was released during the strongest period of my other project then - every.bg which also gave it a considerable boost.

Ninth, a lot of people at my age seeked me in facebook and talked with me about the film. This accessibility and openness was not something extraordinary (it should be the normal way to work for every artist), but was also a factor, attracting even more viewers.

All of this and of course the film, brang more than 200k unique viewers for two years, most of them at age between 13-18.

This is a list of all the detected press publications and media participations.

Teenday 3 itself was a serious challenge for me which brang me several times to the the edge to leave it. It wasn't easy to work with totally non professional actors, but just friends and also someones not so friends, not only because of the film as an art product, but because they didn't have habits like being in time for shootings, being dressed as the scenario suggests, etc. I wasn’t also experienced enough and made some mistakes, but the will that all of us had to have the final film shot was strong enough to continue even in the toughest moments. One of the main characters also refused to participate when at 80% of scenes were already shot which would eventually ruin the story, but fortunately we found a path to her heart.

All members of the crew were teenagers, and some of the specific things we talk in the film had their symmetric expression between us in real life. For everyone this experience made us grow a bit. For me Teenday 3 is not success or nor success, or some kind of real achievement. It was an experience like many others in my life where I found new people, I had to challenge myself, learn new things, step into someone’s shoes and understand things. During Teenday 3's 6 months of development - from scratch to final release on Internet, more than 120 people were involved in one way or another and 28 were the active crew. <3 to all!