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i did HTML/CSS, PHP, media content organization
purchased by Kambarev Foundation
site done in September 2015
been nominated as an artist in 2011

In 2015 I was hired by The Foundation to produce a new website for them. They wanted something fresh, simple and functional. Everything on it, except the logo, is a work and ideas of mine.

Stoyan Kambarev Foundation is a non-profit organization, founded in 2010 by the popular singer and actress Dessy Tenekedjieva aiming to help young talents. Its existence without analogue in Bulgaria is amazing, because the state doesn't care at all about the perspectives of the art creators, nor whether the world knows about them. Everyone is on its own and eventually supported by art communities, as far as they are stable. The cultural environment in Bulgaria is heavily distorted, because of the lack of vision, of political will, of long-term strategy and the habit of capitals to follow the what so called “mass taste”, no matter what. Because of that we end up with hyper dominance of pop culture, no international awards for cinema (funded by the state) in long term, feudalism in theaters which doesn't let young actors to be hired, art schools with bad education not achieving its goals, thousands of young art creators, who have to survive economically doing totally different stuff and still earning not enough to invest in themselves. These things are just a fraction of the severe big picture of Bulgarian culture economy, which has led to a mass lack of criteria what is good and what it isn't, not even among the creators, but also the public itself. Add to all of this the steady tendency of young people to leave Bulgaria...

That's why this foundation has a very important cause. Every year 5 artists from different areas of art get nominated. One gets awarded. The event where all of this happens is huge - the highest elites of Bulgaria like Presidents, mayors, ministers, bankers, famous stars etc. attend. The media coverage of every edition is serious. It is a chance every year five young talents to show off the best of their work to this specific audience.

The Foundation not only organize this event, but through rest of the time they seek ways to support all the nominees and to create an effective community. They try to meet the interests of artists and businesses, so they could continue their development. I had a chance because of them to visit the EU parliament and talk there about my project.

In 2011 I was nominated for my film Teenday 3.