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time been in "Gospodari na efira" show
position founder, programmer, editor, designer, interviewer
time on air October 2008 - July 2011
thanks to Nico Alexiev & Gabriella Tarandjiiska

every.bg is an interesting project, because it wasn't planned the logical way for planning projects. It started in late 2008 as a platform for articles on different topics. Shortly after its start, I decided to try to emerge offline opinion collection with a form of online discussions. I caught a camera and a friend of mine and we interviewed people on the streets. We were pioneers in Bulgaria, creating own video material like a media for website. This worked for some time, but as a whole it wasn't gathering much public interaction as we expected. That's why I decided to make a small studio and be able to invite people in a cozy environment to talk. I was interested in people and how the diversity of points of views affect the world. With the support of my parents and my grandma I founded the studio in a rented garage. This was a milestone for every.bg, because it initiated a change in its concept.

We started to invite famous people and people with something significant to say. These two conditions weren't met together in all the guests, but the power of popularity had its own positive impact on the overall fan base of the project. They attracted the attention, a portion of which was transferred to those who were not famous, but were giving a hell of useful information in their conversations. Within an year and a half we interviewed almost 60 people which not only gave us enough material to make a "behind the scenes" compilation, but also we've entered one of the most popular bulgarian TV shows - Gospodari na efira with Yulian Vuchkov's vivid interview

The guests were selected in a wide range of aspects. Some examples are Daniel Vultchev - former minister of Education, Azis - one of the big music stars in Bulgaria, Dimitar Mitovski - producer of some of the biggest cinema and TV productions in Bulgaria, Mirolyuba Benatova - one of the few Bulgarian journalists with strong reputation, Atanas Atanasov - an actor and professor at NATFA, Milena Zlatkova and Kiril Petrov - radio hosts at Vitosha station, famous with their "Troyka na razsumvane" show and not one charity initiative, both Zlatka Raykova and Zlatka Dimitrova - one of the brightest Bulgarian models, Miss Playmates and Big Brother participants, etc. The interview with Zlatka Dimitrova entered the yellow press surprisingly, considering our insignificance in the media landscape.

Another interesting fact is that at the end of the project almost 80% of the website's daily traffick (300-600 uniques) was generated by Bulgarians abroad which is a considerable success for a media, unifying Bulgarians from all over the world.

The project died because of two reasons. First, there wasn't a business plan at all. We did it in our free time for pleasure and no one of us thought how to monetize it or at least inventing some long term perspective. Secondly, I finished the middle school in Sofia and entered an university in Montpellier, France. But I don't regret it, it was a very rich experience for me, I learned a lot. From the studio managing, through the correct lighting and video editing, website development, to the people itself, who were agree to be interviewed by me. Thanks to all of them, because I haven't the experience, nor the qualification, only a lot of enthusiasm.