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One day a friend of mine called me. He told me an intriguing story about a store almost like a fairy tale – with things for the best times we spend in our lives – at home doing stuff and at places being with other people. They needed someone who will present the store to the public. They weren't sure what they want, but meanwhile they had a vision, the product diversity wasn't firmly defined, but was prone to experiments all the time. From the first meetings, the Big picture I saw was that the store is a concept, not realized in Bulgaria until now, that Domocharm is a process as a whole and no one had predefined answers how to make it successful. That made the idea very attractive to me, because it gives a whole new pole of challenges and edges to craft.

From the beginning to right this moment, the store changed a lot or more accurately - evolved. This evolution was aligned with the opinions we gathered from clients over the time, tried a lot of different tricks, combinations, design sets, sales approaches. All of this rich experience for 14 month not only gave us a new perspective how to reach the people, but it made us a milestone in the sector of things for the home with a second physical store opened in the center of Sofia. Cute things, joke things, creative inventions, stunning tiny forms of easiness for the every day life... the best ever place for original presents, even a good fellow for the office work place. Domocharm was needed in Bulgaria from a lot of time as it came out.

My role in this whole process was at two main levels - the visual language of the store and its online presence. Facebook and 500px are the two places where we are strong for the moment. Every picture with no exceptions at both places is shooted by me. Photography is an essential expression of my approach. Every product is shown in some specific context, which naturally attracts the eye and gives the product its best possible “look & feel”. The photos flow almost became a flow of storylines also which attracted people even more on facebook. As a result, one portion of our fans have became such only because of the photos. Sooner or later they will also become clients of ours, because we do not stand at predefined product categories. Yes, we are always going to have lights or keyholders or cushions, but do you expect joke condoms or egg yolk extractor or a fluid weather indicator or a cup with a coala as a holder? The suddenness of things which are coming every week at the store makes it an intense trip every visit there with no possibility of not responding to your taste sooner or later.

Domocharm was a place where I developed some skills. Now I have a strong sense of product photography, lighting as a visual language, managing social media pages keeping them out advertisements zones, precise color perception for digital design and photography, Adobe Illustrator to print out all sorts of paper stuff. I got also something from my boss' talent to create beautiful compositions of products with his own specific style. Domocharm is a serious creativity booster in my life and is an exemple of how good we could mix work with pleasure.

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