Making video

how a mega concert stage gets done

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done in May 2016
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The task was clear - a full video documenting a mega concert, organized at Arena Armeec Sofia - the biggest hall in Bulgaria. Of course, the organizer as a big international company, works through a chain of people, managers, internal conferences and budget approvals, they needed to present on internal level the best possible way how the concert was done.

Well, the project itself was huge. Two days of stage construction, two TIRs with assets, more than 40 people at least worked on it, more than 12 popular artists performed, more than 8 000 people attended. The goal of my video was not to impress, but rather to let watchers look & feel naturally the preparation of the concert like they were really at place. That's why I chose this lightly raw esthetics of shooting and editing. Less effects and tricks, more natural point of view closer to the individual's perspective if he was there.

It turned out this approach worked perfectly for the goals of the team who purchased my service. It was a privilege for me to do this job. The environment was specific and the processes - very interesting. I saw a technological evolution and mechanical advancement for a half a century, gathered in one place and constructed precisely by a lot of people with perfect coordination. I was so fascinated during the process, that it became a playground for my imagination, at which I shooted more than 150 GB raw footage, of which only a small portion were implemented in this video.