Cause + Effect

site not existing anymore
pages in total
hours took the realisation
language versions
doodles drawn by Mia Agova
what i did HTML/CSS, PHP, little javascript
purchased by V+O & Mia Agova
project lifespan 2013-2015

Cause + Effect was a joint project between Mia Agova and V+O, founded in 2014. My job was to make a website. Everything without the doodles was a work of mine. The doodles were drawn by Mia. I'm happy doing this project, considering the concept of C+E and the beautiful art direction which was given to me by Mia herself. The concept was to propose a way for big corporations to gain, making something specifically useful for the society. C+E tried to meet the interests of: 1. some social groups with defined problems and 2. the companies. Definitely this is a task with high level of complexity and difficulty in a world of almost full liberty for those with capital and meanwhile with a lot of social pressure that we observe the last decade and it is due to problems, needed to be solved by... "someone". Maybe this was the reason of which this project lasted only an year and a half, I'm not precisely aware why it wasn't continued.

But something good has been born by C+E 2 years ago, continuing even today - Urban Nomads. An initiative for developing the potential of the homeless people step by step. Firstly, by helping with transportation, shelter, healthcare and food - the basic needs of every man to be capable of developing himself. This project not only caught the attention of the media, but had a considerable social interaction through events, internet and social medias and rose the attention to this invisible, but actually very real problem. In my opinion their perspective is to invent a whole concept the next several years, applicable also in other countries, on solving this issue known from the arise of big cities, without the need of someone to be a direct financial donor for realizing this mechanism.