"Be the leader of your life" 2017

a breath taking experience with magnitude to change your life

watch film here
film title Lessons from Granny
done in 6 hours
cinematography Yulian Spasov
created by Bernadetta Nowak, Carla Congiu, Marija Filip, Rares Dinoiu, Josip Smernic, Carrie Inomwan, Yuliyan Spasov
thanks to ICDET Bulgaria, Erasmus+

In a beautiful winter day my apply for Erasmus+ Youth exchange project was approved. It was called “Be the leader of your life”, 10 days of intense workshops, games, competitions, aimed to open up and develop our leadership potential in the context of multicultural exchange, social skills and team spirit development. It was my first experience of such kind and didn’t expected too much. I could say motivation is not a problem for me.

I was curious what could that be, how I would feel so much different people at one place. I knew that this won’t be an experience only to know others better, but it would help me know myself better. So, this is almost like a fairytail which happened for 10 days, felt as maybe 30. An experience so rich in emotions, in tension, in thinking, in action, in observing, in discovering new ways for achieving goals and so on. Some of the participants well said “at some moment everyone shared himself with the others” and “everyone of us at some point was a teacher and student for each other”.

The whole experience created a common vibe, it connected us in an unique way, it showed us that when we respect each other, life is happy and peaceful and we can achieve a lot more than being in condition of fear and isolationism. For me, it surpassed my expectations, because being a leader doesn’t end at having “leadership skills”, it is a mindset which includes better perception, emotional intelligence and spiritual peace. This makes us better persons which at the end will make our societies stronger and happier.

One of the challenges we had the last days was to shoot a short film in 6 hours, split up in 6 groups, competing for 7 awards in the following categories: Best director / Best operator / Best sound / Most creative film / Best actor / Best actress / Best Film

We were 7 in my team and together figured out this simple storyline, following the wisdom of Granny, in dualistic comparison. Awesome experience this was in limited time, working with people with no cinematographic experience and being with one photocamera in the paradise of Poiana Negrii, Romania. Splitting up the screen this beautiful way was a crazy idea it came out and somehow did succeeded to shoot and edit this way. Everyone gave his heart for this, spiced up with some useful wisdom to make this lovely memory of our team.

And yeah, it won Best actress and Best director! <3