The perspective of a train driver

time lapses, shooted on the main railways in Bulgaria

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i did the footage, editing and arrangements with carrier
done in August 2010 - November 2010
supported by BDZ Ltd. & Railway Transport Friends Association
thanks to Nico Alexiev & Varujan Apelian

Here's the story. As a kid I loved a lot everything related to the trains. So much, that I decided to find a way to get myself on a locomotive. What a power the curiosity might be... I planned a simple project, which has never been done in Bulgaria - time lapses of major train lines. I proposed that to the Bulgarian Train Company (BDZ) and Railway Friends Association helped me a lot through the dealing process. The target was to shoot 8 videos of 8 different tracks from the locomotive and than to accelerate their speed to make them watchable in several minutes. Despite my personal interest in that project, every side was happy - even a third one - all the curious people with interest in railways. It took 2 months for the project to get done. I passed a harsh training and I had to pass a test after that to take a licence, allowing me to get on a locomotive. After getting on such a thing I understood why is all this fuss about. This is an electricity station on wheels with 28 kV entering the train. Everything there has its precise technology of doing and one even innocent mistake could cost your life. A lovely experience.