exploring the infinitude of life variations

The best way to know someone is to see what he does. What he talks during the meeting is afterwards.

Life is a road without an end and a beggining.

I found for myself that nothing fixes or develops by itself. Nor even things in your mind. If you want something, you have to walk the whole path to achieve it. It's a bit like the mountain paths. Everything in this universe has its technology to be done, and this technology doesn't care about you.

Our Earth is a paradise and a hell simultaneously, it's up to the mind in which reality will live.

Seek the patterns. They are everywhere.

I don't take things too seriously. The world is as serious as it could be and meanwhile it is a total farce.

Every night is a small pass out and every morning is a small renaissance. Nights count too. This cyclicity of life is an extraordinary gift. A hundred years sounds solid. How does ~36 500 days sound?

TV is stupid.

Respect the privilege to be here. Yes, We compete no matter what, we have our notorious egoes, we think we are gods of the animal world, because we only are self-aware, but yet, human existence is still an unexplained wonder. With all due respect to Darwin, evolution seems to be not enough to be the Theory of Everything.

What is the ego, actually? Do you really need it?!

Job to do is a dzen to be. When I do something, I emerge with it, to feel it, to understand it from every aspect, and to craft it perfectly. If your job doesn't make you satisfied and doesn't develop you meanwhile, change it.

It's really tempting to look at the world via the duality paradigm - something vs. nothing is an excellent example. If *nothing* exists, it will be already something. So, it turns out that true nothingness does not exist, because its nature is incompatible with the laws of our Cosmos. Vacuum doesn't not count as nothing. So, think about it... if nothingness doesn't exist, it follows that, our mighty reality is somehow endless. We all know how contradictory is the concept of true eternity, because we can't even imagine it, nor prove it. But here's another point of view. Wherever you look, no matter your room, your car, or when you walk in the park, there is everywhere at least one thing which is in such a big number, it's uncountable. Whether the tiny micro holes on a concrete wall, or the stars, or the sand particles, or the leafs of a tree, or the trees of a forest, or your hair, or the details of a car interior. Now do you see how eternity is literally everywhere, it's just your brain which processes everything in a way you don't get overwhelmed by all this information. This is the core problem actually of the autistic people - they process all the available information without filtering the unnecessary 90%. The knowledge of the world is eternal and it has interesting implications in the everyday life.

I don't know in what I believe. Everything is possible and nothing is 100% sure. Why is that need of attachment to some hardcore believe? World is too wondrous to know for sure whether we have a God, or we are simulated as Elon Musk suggests, or we live in a Multiverse as Neil Degrasse Tyson suggests, or we are a total accident during a cosmic chaos, or we are even aliens moved at Earth because of the views, or we are just someone's dream.

Winnie the Pooh... i love him!

If you want a mind crystal as air, be prepared for dynamics of atmospheric phenomena.

Read more about Tesla, maybe at some point in history, we've achieved something far grater than the monopolization of the today's technology evolution.

Our public world is heavily corrupted and some guys with power and without heart are risking very fragile world balances, which could bring a lot of devastation if broken. Obviously rough power, protests and complaining over social media doesn't work. Values should be changed. Consumers should calm themselves. Mass media should change its core concept of curating what's important. Car crashes, yellow gossips, terrorism, crisis, clowns claiming to be next president, is that it?! Where on the news broadcasting are the innovations, the support of the Paris Climate Summit, the showcase of the political hypocrisy, the economy problems, result of a broken paradigm? Economy education should be rewritten. Quality improvement of the public informational environmenet are needed. A new approach to the way we educate and form the priorities of the next people (bcoz it seems cheap pop culture is the best we could offer now). We need to develop critical thinking. We need to respect ourselves and the united world we live on, share and impact.

Einstein once posed an interesting question. What your life will be depends on whether you don’t believe in miracles, or you see everything as a miracle.    

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