to my portfolio, or better... jorney into my life as an entrepreneur, a storyteller, a designer, a problem solver, a website programmer and a Neil Degrasse Tyson fan


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since 2013
since 2014
unified communications technician
since 2016

my story

i'm Yulian Spasov, 24 years old guy with diverse interests in areas like cinema, how information works, future of the Internet, geopolitics and the meeting point of philosophy and science - quantum physics. i love learning new things, puzzling the Big picture, letting my curiosity to move me everywhere. i don't take every job, but when i do, i get things done professionaly. There's more...

my skills

beautiful design prepress design
unconventional pr strategies shoot video & photo
interviews hosting project engineering
short films curating social media pages management
copywriting live events
statistics analysis dynamic websites
proficency level 2007
delf B2 2011
Adobe Photoshop
over 8 years experience
video shooting
over 8 years experience
over 8 years experience
over 20 projects
MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel
over 7 years experience
Adobe Premiere
over 5 years experience
ask the right questions
interviewed over 80 people
event management
over 100 organized events (30-150p)
project engineering
every.bg, kinematograf.bg
public speech
over 50 media participations
over 12 projects
pr & marketing
over 4 years experience
coffee & vending machines prep
1 summer of machines daily maintenance
hand drawing
an insightful hobby
Adobe Illustrator
1 year experience

catching the moments

my dad gave me my first DSLR when I was 15. since than, I shooted a lot - travels, short films, paid jobs, people, events, unusual places like subway tunnels, factories, The EU Parliament, train depots, abandoned places and some others. I love discovering new perspectives of our eternal reality, without fear of getting into the dirt.
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these are main insights of my professional works and hobbies. there are bunch of one time jobs and projects participations not mentioned here. they are relatively chronologically aligned with the newest on top.

i'm here for you.

don't understimate the power of silence